Easy-to-use tool to scale your online advertising

Debit plastic and virtual card solution for online advertising campaingns

Cards4ads is the perfect corporate expense management tool and payment solution for media buyers and online marketing companies looking to diversify, segment and automatize their AD campaigns budgets. We provide corporate plastic and Virtual Credit Cards specifically designed for Ad spend and budget optimization accepted on all the social media or traffic platforms including Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing ADS, TikTok and Twitter ADS and many other advertising platforms. Our cards work in any non-OFAC geo, are not restricted to a certain country and they can be billed in multiple currencies without any problem.

A business-to-business service and tool designed specifically for large advertising agencies, and not only, that need a reliable virtual credit card provider, budget and campaign management tool to manage their entire advertising campaigns flow, with an in-house build e-Wallet using cutting-edge technology, a strong API and an intuitive interface plus the best and easy to use features designed specifically to automatize your daily routine, the Cards4ads platform and team intend to become your number 1 partner in online advertising. Let us help you scale your business starting today!

What else we offer

  • FAST SEPA transfers for your company payrolls (SOON)
  • REAL WORKING VCC for your online advertising campaigns
  • Google and Apple Pay (SOON)
  • Advance eWallet to manage and segment your expense using multiple IBANS
  • Online advertising campaign budgets management tool
  • The best support ever

VCC Debit Cards

Our debit cards are your best option for everyday use in accessing, segmenting, optimizing and scaling your online marketing campaign funds. We developed the ultimate card program specifically for use in the Affiliate Marketing and Mediabuy sector.

eWallet Platform with multiple IBANS, advance filtering and automation tools

Our wallet platform is a fully secure, PCI Level 1 environment that will allow you to manage all your company expenses, including employee and freelancer payrolls, online advertising budgets, and more, in the same way a bank account can, but with more freedom and segmentation options. Additionally, by instantly issuing virtual debit cards and utilizing our advanced card filtering system and automation rules, managing your online advertising budget will become the easiest task to tackle. Moreover, you will have full control over operations and an overview of the entire fund situation with just a few clicks.

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Our Clients:

Our partners and clients include top end freelancing and influencer platforms, affiliate networks, affiliate programs, media buy companies, content creation companies, and more.

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